Who We Are - and why we are passionate about providing unbiased dog CBD information

Lori Kogan
Lori Kogan, PhD

Lori Kogan, Ph.D. is a Professor in the Department of Clinical Sciences of Colorado State University Veterinarian Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. She is the editor of the American Psychological Association’s Human Animal Interaction Section’s Human-Animal Interaction Bulletin. Dr. Kogan has published numerous journal articles, co-edited several books (including Pet Loss, Grief, and Therapeutic Interventions: Practitioners Navigating the Human-Animal Bond and Clinician's Guide to Treating Companion Animal Issues: Addressing Human-Animal Interaction) and given invited presentations on topics related to human animal interactions in both psychology and veterinary medicine venues. She is currently engaged in several research projects pertaining to the intersection of the human animal bond and veterinary medicine. She is passionate about animal welfare, and as part of her efforts in this area, has studied topics related to animal pain. In her quest to assess alternatives to traditional medicine for pets, she has published several papers related to the use of CBD in companion animals and dog CBD information.

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Peter W. Hellyer
Peter W. Hellyer, DVM

Peter W. Hellyer, DVM, MS, DACVAA, is Professor of Veterinary Anesthesiology, Department of Clinical Sciences, Colorado State University, College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, Fort Collins, CO. His research interests include factors affecting the clinical management of pain in animals and outcomes assessment within veterinary medicine, education, and practice. His career as a veterinary anesthesiologist has been devoted to two main goals: 1) providing the best care possible to animals in pain through clinical service, teaching, and research and 2) preparing veterinary students to be successful veterinarians through a greater understanding of the personal, professional, and cultural forces shaping their careers.

In recent years Dr. Hellyer has worked extensively with Dr. Kogan to understand a number of contemporary issues which impact veterinarians, animal owners, and their animals. Part of this work is creating an unbiased dog CBD information resource. Drs. Hellyer and Kogan are also investigating the impact that readily available hemp/CBD products and marijuana have on the choices pet owners are making to treat a variety of conditions in their pets. Additionally, they are investigating how veterinarians are engaging in this area and whether they have the knowledge base to discuss hemp/CBD and marijuana treatments with their clients. The CSU Acute Pain Scales for dogs and cats which Dr. Hellyer developed with Dr. Narda Robinson continue to receive a great deal of attention.

Emily Kramer
Emily Kramer

Emily Kramer is an undergraduate student at Colorado State University in the department of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences, Neuroscience major. Her passion for human-animal interaction began at a young age and grew to epic proportions when she adopted her first dog almost ten years ago. She is currently working on gaining knowledge in neuroscience so that she may one day use brain imaging to research how humans and animals impact each others' cognitive abilities. As part of this work, she enjoys sharing unbiased dog CBD information with pet owners.